The Future Ahead of You is Far Greater Than the Past Behind You.


Having walked the dark path of sexual abuse, hopelessness, and despair, Dr. Charlene D. Winley is on assignment to assist women in ReScripting their life and recovering their stolen identity!  She has experienced trauma through childhood molestation, divorce, and grief. After fourteen years of marriage, she found herself divorced and homeless with three children ages, 9, 6, and 1 years old. If that wasn’t enough for a mother with three children, memories of sexual abuse, which were long repressed, surfaced. Through what seemed like a lifetime, she learned how to rescript her life uncovering and rediscovering her life and her purpose.  There is life after trauma. It does not matter what things come knocking at your door, you can ReScript Your Life and Dr. Charlene D. Winley can show you how!


My greatest fear is hearing the words,
“This what I had for you, but this is what you settled for” - God


Dr. Winley has a Master’s Degree in Human Development, Cognition, and Learning from Columbia University with a concentration in Clinical Psychology. She holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and uses her knowledge to develop strong leaders. She is a trained life coach through Life Forming Leadership Coaching. As the founder of the Life Catalyst Institute and the not-for-profit Daughters of Life Corporation, she empowers women to walk in their divine calling and to live the miraculous life they were born to live. She is a sought-after speaker and conference presenter in both marketplace and religious settings. She currently resides in Virginia and has three sons.