A life defined, aligned, and designed by you.


 To ReScript your life means to rewrite the story of your life.

It is about choosing to move from the pain of your past into the promise of your future.

ReScriptedLife involves living your life by design

Living life on your terms

Not the life others want for you

It is a life

 Defined, aligned, and designed

for you and by you.

In order to rewrite and design your life,

you need to take an assessment of where you are and where you would like to be

In education, it is called the “baseline.”

Understanding where you are

Having a benchmark that you want to reach

Determining what you need (intervention)

Implementing the plan

Monitoring the results of the intervention

Voila! You reached your goal.

These steps will support and empower you on
your journey to a ReScriptedLife.




The time to redesign your life is today

What area of your life would you life to ReScript first?



My greatest fear is hearing the words,
“This what I had for you, but this is what you settled for” - God


It it time to come out of hiding. Do not believe the lies.

You can have the life that you not only desire but the life that you deserve.