During this 5 day course you'll receive:


Transformational Training

Identify mindsets and blockages that are currently attached to past trauma or emotional, physical, & sexual abuse  Receive tips, tools, and proven strategies to begin to ReScript Your Life


Assist You in Working Through Blockages, Thought Patterns & Behaviors

  • Understand how your identity was stolen

  • Understand why your identity was stolen

  • Strategies on how to reclaim your identity   

  • Discover how the words you speak and the thoughts you think play a major part in your recovery  


Content Tailored To Your Unique
Learning Style

Multiple options to apply the training: workbook, video sessions and/or audio training with option to receive one-on-one coaching


Why Do Life Alone?

It's time to shift from Brokenness to Beautiful

If I had a course like this, it would have shaved years from me wallowing in my brokenness. 

Here's What People Are Saying

"The major insights or breakthroughs I made through this course is that it is ok to talk to someone about your feelings and not to concern myself with being judged."

"My overall experience with the course was quite exhilarating. I was able to tap in to some areas of my life that I had overlooked and begin to process the misplaced thoughts/emotions/feelings. It was not an easy task, but I'm glad I completed the exercise." 

 "I learned there is a Bible scripture for every thing I've experienced and by writing them down it's easier to identify and apply God's word to that situation."