Meet Dr. Charlene Winley

Speaker, Life Strategist & Transformation Specialist


Hurting from wounds of the past and bleeding out from the hole in the soul; seeking to uncover the wounds, recover identity and discover purpose, seeking healing due to emotional pain and injury.

That used to be me.

After counseling, therapy, healing, deliverance and coaching, I thought I was finally good, whole and restored.

It was my biggest mistake in my recovery process.

While it was true that strongholds were broken, I didn't realize that there were layers and layers to my restoration. I didn't know how to set boundaries in place to maintain my healing. I didn't understand why I was caught in that vicious "victory~victim~restoration" process. Something was missing. I had to be an active participant in my recovery process. I learned that healing wasn't something done to me, but through me.

As a life coach, I empower women to RESCRIPT their life by moving past the pain and trauma of sexual abuse, by uncovering the wounds, recovering, their identity, and discovering who they were meant to be. 

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I am faith-based in my teachings & practices.

I am a teacher and coach who desires to see authentic growth, real change, as well as, healing and restoration to women who are sick and tired of falling into the vicious cycle of brokenness, unfulfilled dreams, and aborted destinies.