Reassessing Where You Are to Get to Where You Want to Be


The beginning of the year is a good time to assess your bottom line in a FEW KEY AREAS.


Is a good time to ASSESS where you and determine where you want to be. Take stock of your now moment and visual what you want your tomorrow to manifest.

Below I provided a guide for a few areas you may want to examine. Feel free to examine each of the various areas below. May I suggest however that you do not try to set goals and create actions steps for all of these areas. This is a sure fire way to sabotage your results.

 Now I don’t suggest jumping on all of these areas at once. Choose the area which is most important to tackle first and then you can follow through on the others. 

1.  Physical

a.    Take a thorough examination of where you are

b.    Visual your outcome and the steps necessary to achieve these goals.

c.    Take body measurement.

d.    Get a full health examination.

e.    Create a reasonable plan based on the results of the exams.

f.    In thinking of health goals decide why it is important for you to reach your desired health goals.


2.    Emotional

a.    Examine the things which upsets you.

b.    Examine what memories are evoked or triggered by these me.

c.    Where is your focus on and why?

    i.    Whatever you think about you bring about.

d.    What meaning do you subscribe to it and why?

e.    Your perception of a thing is your reality.

f.    We do not see the world how it is, we see the world how we are.

g.    Examine relationships which are life-draining and going nowhere.

h.    Visual the kind of relationships you want in your life and what necessary changes you need to make in order to attract those e relationships to you.


3.  Financial

a.    This is a good time to examine your finances and the emotional ties to money

b.    Debt –what type of debt do you have

c.    Retirement- what your FIN date (financial independence date?)

d.    Review what you spend your money on

e.    Examine your Will, Insurance, and Investments

f.    Review your long term and short term financial goals


4.    Spiritually

a.    Reexamine your beliefs and values

b.     To what do you give your time and attention ?

c.    Do you have a dedicated quiet time?

d.    How are you maintaining your spiritual practice?

e.    Whom do you need to forgive?

f.    What are some things you need to let go?



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