It's Time to Divorce Your Story

We all are sssooo quick to tell our story.  To share our trauma, drama, and the difficulties that was heaped upon us at the hands of someone else.  We tell the story of our sexual abuse or rape.

We talk about our drug-addicted parent, or our no good, unfaithful spouse.

We tell about the poverty we struggled through and the” unthinkable” we done to survive the hard life.

We are ready to share the details to any listening ear to justify;Why we are not doing this, or why we are stuck, or what we would do if things were different.

Things can be different.  If the truth was told….things could have been different a llloonnnggg time ago.  The only problem is that you are using your story as a crutch.  It works for you because it is much easier to tell your story than to work to change your mindset. Until you change the way you view your story, the way you view your story will not change.

You can ReScript-ReWrite the story of your life.

You can decide how your story impacts your life and the life of those you care about the most. I am not discounting anything that transpired or anything you missed out on in your life.

Do you have a story? Are you addicted to it?

Have you framed it to be life-giving and freeing or life-draining and straining?

Are you ready to let it go and walk in the truth of want you can truly be?