“Thank you so much for telling me about your sessions, I really thought I would just come to one in support of you but you know how the Holy Spirit works, I will be back to all your classes.”
 You did a fantastic job and God used you to help a room full of broken women and praise God I was one of them.  Thank you Dr. Winley- Virginia Beach-Real Estate Agent
Every vessel has a duty and use and you poured into my life, prayed for you this morning.  God is so good!-DB
“Thank you for sharing this. I'm so happy that I came out to the classes I have uncovered things I didn't know I still carried. Workshop Participant 
You are made for this--- and it is your season!! Praying for even more!!! Women’s Pastor-New Life Church

Hello Dr. Charlene!!!!
First, I want to thank God for laying it on your heart and for your obedience to the call to do this class.  I know I have been tremendously blessed!   It is so awesome to see God moving in so many women's heart and bringing forth His healing including my own.   I have never shared what I shared last night in a group before, though it was just a glimpse of my "story"  it was very scary to share but it was also very liberating once I did.  It blessed me so much to see God's healing process beginning is so many of our sister's lives last night.   Please forgive me for not remembering the woman's name that prayed with me but God really used her to speak to me and to confirm what he has been burning in my heart for some time. That is, that I am not a victim, but a Victor! And that all that He has brought me through is for His greater purpose.  I know that my "story" is to help other women see that God can and will heal and restore!  Gerri

Dr. Winley,
Blessings to you this beautiful day!  I am so very happy that I chose your class instead of another I was contemplating.  I have already been rewarded from just one class and I am excited to see what more I am certain to gain from your series.  Thank you so much for putting it all together to share with us.  Here's to growing and glowing more!!!  Deborah M
I am so blessed to be on this journey.  I see God transforming my mind so clearly.  I have a sense of confidence in who I am that I've not had before.  I am no longer "masking" confidence, I am truly confident in whose I am and I know He is so proud of me. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this class.
“I cried as I listened to the class recording again. I experienced such a healing.” RN